About Peoples Trust.

As the foundation for Peoples Group, Peoples Trust has been providing financial services to the Canadian marketplace for over 30 years.  Our focus is on exceptional customer service backed by extensive product knowledge and experience.

We understand that we cannot be all things to all people.  Our results show that a niche company can be very successful if it is well managed and exceeds the expectations of its customers.

One of the important factors in becoming and remaining successful as a smaller organization, is to be able to consistently and aggressively develop new opportunities.  Over the years, Peoples has been able to find these opportunities, and has been nimble enough to deploy resources to capitalize on and grow these business lines.  We continue to do this today.

We are proud of our track record over the past 30 years and look forward to grow and develop into the future.

The Peoples Trust Team

Deposit Services

Janet Cubbage

Senior Manager, Deposit Services

Janet has been in various roles within Deposit Services at Peoples Trust for over twenty-five years. As the Senior Manager of this area she is responsible for maintaining the high level of service that our clients have come to expect. Since joining Peoples Trust she has helped build an efficient, personable unit, characterized by experience, dedication, effort and commitment, which takes pride in providing excellence in customer service.

Mortgage Banking & Servicing

Julie Berks

Assistant Vice President, MBS and Mortgage Banking Administration

Julie joined Peoples Trust in August 2007. As Assistant Vice President, MBS and Mortgage Banking Administration she oversees the administration of both the corporate and investor owned portfolios. She has a comprehensive background in real estate and has held management positions in the mortgage finance and mortgage software industries for over thirty years. She has extensive experience and knowledge of all aspects of mortgage administration and asset management, including construction financing, participation lending, and CMHC insured financing.

Mortgage Administration

Jacqueline Ogilvie

Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Administration

Jacqueline joined Peoples Trust in March of 2016. She previously held senior leadership roles in Risk Management, and Credit and Operations at Canada’s largest Credit Union. She brings with her thirty years of experience in the BC Credit Union system, a career that started in the branch network and included many exciting opportunities, including the start-up of a Virtual Bank. Jacqueline believes a focus on people leadership and development leads to the achievement of greatness.

Mortgage Underwriting — BC

Dennis Dineen

Senior Vice President & Regional Manager — B.C.

With a degree in Finance from the University of British Columbia, Dennis commenced his career as a Senior Commercial Loans Officer with a large Canadian trust company. Since that time he has held senior management positions with various national and regional financial institutions focused primarily on commercial and construction financing. As Senior Vice President & Regional Manager, B.C., Dennis is responsible for commercial real estate lending and conventional mortgage banking for Peoples Trust Company on a local and national basis.

Jonathan Wong

Assistant Vice President, Commercial Mortgages — B.C.

A graduate of UBC and the University of Toronto with degrees in Economics and International Relations, Jonathan joined Peoples Trust in 2008 after a 20 year career as a senior commercial lender with a major Canadian Bank. Throughout his career, Jonathan has been involved in all aspects of commercial real estate financing in British Columbia. As Manager, Commercial Mortgages – BC, Jonathan is responsible for commercial real estate lending and the development of new business in the areas of conventional financing for mortgages and construction and CMHC term and CMHC construction lending for the BC Region.

Tom Wollner

Manager, Residential Mortgages — B.C.

Holding both AMP and RI(BC) designations, Tom has been active in residential lending since 1978. He has held underwriting positions with several Canadian trust companies before joining Peoples Trust in 1989. As Manager, Residential Mortgages, Tom’s responsibilities include production and underwriting of equity loans in the B.C. Region.

Mortgage Underwriting — Prairie

Dennis Aitken

Senior Vice President & Regional Manager — Prairies

A graduate of the University of British Columbia, majoring in Finance and Urban Land Economics, Dennis has been active in the real estate finance industry for many years. He has held senior real estate financing positions with major Canadian and American financial institutions. His experience includes all components of real estate finance, with a recent focus on conventional and CMHC insured construction and term loans. In his position as Regional Vice President, Dennis concentrates on expanding Peoples Trust’s CMHC insured and conventional loan portfolios in the Prairie Provinces.

Josh Barker

Assistant Vice President, Commercial Mortgages — Prairies

A graduate of Brown University with a degree in Economics, Josh began his finance career 7 years ago with a nationally recognized commercial real estate brokerage firm where he gained valuable experience in all types of commercial real estate financing transactions. Prior to joining Peoples Trust in 2013, he spent 4 years as a senior lender at an Alberta financial institution where he specialized in small and large term, interim, and construction mortgages for all commercial real estate asset classes. Josh is responsible for originating, underwriting, and executing on both CMHC insured and conventional term and construction mortgages.

Mortgage Underwriting — Eastern

Michael Lombard

Senior Vice President & Regional Manager — Eastern Canada

After graduating with a degree in Economics from York University in Toronto in 1987 and subsequently completing his MBA, Michael commenced his career in commercial lending with a major Canadian Bank. He has since held Senior Management positions at various major financial institutions. Mike has spent his entire career focused on the Ontario market, with the last 10 years concentrated on Real Estate finance. His main areas of expertise are conventional and construction finance. As Senior Vice President & Regional Manager, Michael will focus on building our presence in the Ontario market, with a focus on commercial conventional, CMHC insured, and residential mortgages. Michael is very active in his community, coaching various minor sports teams.

Ady Steen

Assistant Vice President, Commercial Mortgages — Eastern Canada

Ady is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Finance. He joined Peoples Trust in 2009 after 5 years experience as a commercial real estate lender with several financial institutions. Ady is responsible for sourcing and underwriting both commercial, conventional and CMHC insured mortgages.

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