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Visa*, Mastercard® , American Express and Interac®

Peoples Group offers cost-effective industry leading payment processing solutions for merchants through our various processing partners.

We partner with Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), Payment Facilitators, and Processors to deliver state of the art and innovative products and services.

We are dedicated to connecting you with the payment processing solution that is right for your business.

Sponsorship Programs

In today’s complex processing industry, payment suppliers face increasing costs, regulatory requirements and higher risks to maintain an effective processing program. We work with businesses, leveraging years of payment industry experience and the strength of multiple payment platforms to meet your business needs. If your business provides payment services to others, we have a select group of payment service partners to support you.

Peoples Group enables merchant services under Visa* and Mastercard brands (in both Canadian and US currencies), and Interac. It does this through a sponsorship model, enabling ISOs and Payment Facilitators to focus on what they do best: providing excellent payment and other services to their merchants.

Whether you represent an established processor, ISO or Payment Facilitator processing debit or credit, Peoples Group can be a valuable partner.

ISO Program

Peoples Group empowers ISOs through a sponsorship model, enabling ISOs to focus on what they do best: provide excellent payment services to their merchants. Our ISO program offers an opportunity for ISOs to own the merchant relationship providing revenue options.


Operating a business in today’s marketplace, you are faced with many choices and decisions with your payment processing. Peoples Group works with a select group of payment service partners and is dedicated to finding the right match for you.

Our Merchant Services solutions include:

  • Visa*, Mastercard, American Express and Interac processing services
  • EMV chip card processing
  • Multi-currency processing in over 10 different currencies
  • Stand-alone & integrated terminals
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Virtual terminal
  • Recurring payments
  • Mail order and telephone order solutions

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