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When you open an account with us at Peoples Trust, you know that we’re bringing our best to the table. Once we’ve defined your needs, it is our mission to quickly find the option best-suited for you. Not only do we offer competitive interest rates with superior earning power, but we make it simple for you to make money.

A lot of the momentous milestones in life take a lot of sweat and planning to achieve, and sometimes the hassle of planning can take away from the excitement of it all. We’re here to minimize your stress, as you stride towards success. Whether you’re planning for your new home purchase with a tax-free GIC, saving for a vacation with GIC services, planning for a new car with an e-Savings account or simply looking ahead to a comfortable retirement, we’re here to ease the decision-making burden.

With online banking access, you are in command of your money, with the ability to view your balance and account activity, check interest rates, transfer money between accounts, and sign up for other Deposit Services – at your convenience.

Peoples prides itself on providing great customer service, ease of access, safety and security.

Opt for savings with Peoples Trust and enjoy interest rates among the best in Canada.

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