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CMHC Mortgage Lending

More than $1.5 billion in prime mortgages under administration, with an experienced team of experts. We also service a CMHC insured mortgage portfolio of more than $18 billion.

Peoples Trust, part of Peoples Group, is actively engaged in CMHC insured multi-family mortgage financing. All three regional offices have extensive experience and expertise in the underwriting and placement of CMHC insured loans for new and existing rental apartment buildings, seniors’ residential facilities and non-profit affordable housing projects.

Our long-term relationship with CMHC underwriters helps us provide customers with valuable guidance on the CMHC application process and information requirements for obtaining timely loan insurance approvals. Our relationship with CMHC is backed by a very robust loan securitization program tied to the CMHC Canada Mortgage BondsTM (CMB) Program. It allows Peoples Group to offer very competitive five and ten-year term interest rates to clients, with odd lot terms also available. This program extends to any geographic location where CMHC operates.