Notice: We have received reports from non-customers that someone is phoning and/or emailing, falsely claiming to represent Peoples Group, and offering fake GIC products. If you receive one of these calls, please do not disclose any personal information and contact our Deposit Services line at 800-663-0324 to report the incident. The matter has been reported to Law Enforcement.
Attention: Des personnes autres que nos clients nous ont signalé qu’une personne les appelle ou leur envoie des courriels. Elle se fait passer pour un employé du Groupe Peoples et offre de faux certificats de placement garanti (CPG). Si vous recevez l’un de ces appels, ne divulguez aucun renseignement personnel et communiquez avec nos services de dépôt au 800-663-0324 pour rapporter l’incident. Cette situation a été signalée à la police.

Commercial Lending

Peoples Group is a leader in providing creative commercial mortgages for experienced real estate developers and investors in the Canadian Commercial Mortgage Market.

Our underwriting is founded on innovative criteria molded from the diverse backgrounds of the Peoples Trust lending team, and is dynamic and flexible allowing us to create a financing scenario to meet our client’s needs.

From construction loans to building repositioning loans, we lend against most commercial real estate asset classes such as multi-family, office and industrial.

Speed in evaluating a proposal and ultimately approving a financing is important to us. Our commercial mortgage financing is typically structured over 1 – 2 year terms, with some availability to provide 5 year fixed rate loans. Our transactions are generally for loans over $2.0 Million, and interest rates can be fixed or floating. The fees charged for our loans reflect industry standards for commercial mortgages.