Secured Credit Card

Secured Credit Card

Establish Healthy Credit

Enjoy all the benefits of having a credit card, even if you have no credit history, or have had credit problems in the past. The Peoples Trust Secured MasterCard® helps you rebuild or establish a strong credit rating, while giving you the convenience and security of a credit card.

You deserve the chance to take control of your credit situation, build or rebuild your credit rating, and enjoy the use of a credit card.

All the Benefits of a Credit Card

Imagine the benefits of having a credit card: make purchases over the phone, access cash anytime and virtually anywhere from MasterCard ATMs, book a vacation from home, or shop online. In fact, many online merchants now only allow purchases through credit cards. The Peoples Trust Secured MasterCard® looks and works just like any other MasterCard; only you and Peoples Trust will know that the card is secured.

Get Approved Today

The good news is that virtually every applicant is approved. The application is easy, and just takes a few minutes. You’ll have access to credit and all the benefits of a credit card. Your secured credit card will look just like any other card. The difference is that you need to provide security funds as collateral which will always be 100% equal to your credit limit before you can receive your card and access your credit. For as little as $500, you can be approved for a Peoples Trust Secured MasterCard® and begin building or rebuilding your credit!

Build Your Credit

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Unlike many debit cards or cash, a Peoples Trust Secured MasterCard® will help you build your credit history. This is the perfect credit card for those with bad credit, or no credit. As you responsibly use the card and make regular payments, your account performance will be reported to major credit bureaus.

Start enjoying the benefits of a credit card. Apply for a secured credit card today!

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