Peoples Trust Secured Mastercard® Referral Program

The Peoples Trust Secured Mastercard offers your clients an opportunity to build or rebuild their credit history. It is the perfect alternative for people with past credit problems, discharged bankrupts, newcomers to Canada or those who have never had credit or a loan.

The Peoples Trust Secured Mastercard requires applicants to make a deposit equal to the credit limit of the card (a minimum deposit of $500 is required). The security deposit earns interest annually in a GIC Account (current rate is 0.50%) which is eligible for deposit insurance from CDIC. When the cardholder closes their account, their deposit is returned to them once all outstanding payments are made.

The Peoples Trust Secured Mastercard is available to residents of all Canadian Provinces and client approval is virtually guaranteed.

A Business Opportunity For You:

Peoples Trust will supply each approved referral agent with printed application brochures and a personalized link to the online application form. You can make the applications available to your client from your office or on your website with our Easy Online Referral Feature which provides the HTML coding you’ll need. Each application must contain your referral code in the upper right corner to ensure that you will receive the referral commission.

A $35 referral commission is paid for each approved Mastercard application with your referral number. Referral fees are paid monthly.

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