Types of Prepaid Card Products.

Since 2004, Peoples Card Services has built an extensive range of prepaid and credit programs in Canada.

Peoples Card Services offers the universal acceptance of Visa* and Mastercard® tailored to your needs, whether those needs are a country-wide rebate program or a limited-run private label product.

Single Load Prepaid (SLP)

This is a prepaid card that can be loaded only once and used until the balance is spent or until the card expires in the case of promotional cards. These cards are often used for gifting, corporate incentives, and program rebates.

General Purpose Reloadable (GPR)

This is a prepaid card that can be loaded repeatedly with additional funds, after the initial load, to allow for continued use by the cardholder. These cards can be used for financial services, payroll, expense management, travel, health, transit, and government disbursements.

Foreign Currency Card

This is a prepaid card, intended for use by travellers, that protects against currency exchange fluctuation and helps the cardholder stay within their budget. These cards can be used for local and international travel purposes and international online purchasing.

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