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From the comfort of your own phone

With the Peoples Trust Mobile app you can bank when you’re not at home.

We’ve got more in store, but for now you’ll be able to do everything you can with online banking directly on your smartphone:

  1. View account balances and transaction history.
  2. View balances of selected accounts even when not logged in.
  3. Transfer funds.
  4. View and manage scheduled transfers.
  5. View, approve and reject transfers if you are a small business customer.
  6. Manage and setup personal alerts.
  7. Contact us.

And it’s free.

App Permissions

When you install the app it will ask for permission to access the following functions of your device:

  1. Access to pictures and videos – allows your device to download the app and use Deposit Anywhere, a function that will be available in the coming months which will help you deposit cheques on your phone.
  2. Full Network access –  the app needs to connect to the Internet to allow you to do your mobile banking.
  3. Location services – the app uses GPS to direct you to our nearest location.
  4. Access to phone contacts – this will allow the app to pull a contact’s phone number which will be required when we launch the Interac e-Transfer functions.


The use of this mobile app is subject to the privacy and legal terms and conditions that can be found on our website, including our Personal Account and Services Agreement and Business Account and Services Agreement, as applicable. For more information, please visit

You should also verify with your mobile carrier to determine any fees associated with using browser related services via your mobile device.

Your privacy and security is our priority, which is why our mobile banking app uses the same level of security as our full online banking website. For full details regarding the protections and limitations of online banking, see the above referenced account agreements and for more information. Your personal access code prevents unauthorized access and we advise that you do not save your secure passcode details anywhere on this device.

You will need to have an account with Peoples Trust to use this app.  For more information on opening an account visit