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Instructions for calculating your prepayment

Enter information about your mortgage into the calculator to get an estimate of the current prepayment charge.

  • $
  • %
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  • Remaining months, excluding the current month
    Term used to determine the posted rate
  • 6-17
    1 year closed fixed rate
  • 18-29
    2 year fixed rate
  • 30-41
    3 year fixed rate
  • 42-53
    4 year fixed rate
  • 54-59
    5 year closed fixed rate


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*If you have repayment penalties, please contact customer services at

This calculator is for information purposes only and is intended to be used as an estimate. It is not investment advice, and we cannot guarantee its accuracy. All outcomes from the use of calculator should be considered hypothetical. If you would like us to provide the exact amount of your prepayment or require further information, please call us at 1-877-462-3788 or email

Terms and Conditions

Fixed Interest Rate Mortgages – If you have a fixed interest rate on your mortgage and a term of 5 years or less, payment of a prepayment charge equal to the greater of the interest rate differential (IRD) or 3 months interest calculated on the outstanding loan amount;

Adjustable Interest Rate Mortgages – if you have an adjustable rate on your mortgage, payment of a prepayment charge equal to 3 months interest calculated on the outstanding loan amount.