Mortgage Investing Overview

Peoples Group is a leading participant in the servicing of Institutional Grade Commercial Mortgages for Investors and are particularly well known for our involvement with CMHC Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), and in the Canada Mortgage Bond (CMB) program.

We originate both CMHC insured and conventional commercial mortgage product and provide full servicing and reporting for investors.

We also offer full administrative support for investors who source their own product but do not wish to service it themselves. This includes both conventional and CMHC insured mortgages.

Mortgage Servicing

Peoples Group is a leading provider of commercial mortgage servicing in Canada.

We provide our investor clients with a full range of services for sourcing new business, underwriting, mortgage administration and investor reporting.

Mortgage initiation and funding, including:
  • CMHC application processing
  • CMHC commitment to insure
  • Credit approvals and commitment letters
  • Legal instruction and compliance functions
  • Funding and conditions precedent to the funding
Administration of the mortgage, including:
  • Payment processing
  • Property tax collection and management
  • Assumption, discharge and renewal processing
Security protection, including:
  • Annual Financial Statement monitoring
  • CMHC reporting
  • Arrears and default management
  • Investor remittances and reporting

Our investor clients include large pension funds, financial institutions, conduit and private lenders.

At Peoples Trust, we are committed to providing high quality mortgage management services to our investor clients.

Mortgage Syndication

Peoples Group is a leading participant in the creation, placement and management of mortgage product for institutional investors

Let our Commercial Mortgage Banking Group expand your range of mortgage investment and financing options, and tailor a package to fit your specific requirements. Having established a variety of strategic relationships with some of the most active financial institutions and investors in Canada, we can offer terms, loan amounts and interest rates that are both creative and competitive. We offer solutions for fixed and floating rate term loans as well as construction financing for all types of multi-family and commercial real estate.

Some of the features that this program can provide you are:
  • 5, 10, and 15 year fixed interest rate terms
  • Construction loans that can provide up to 95% of the cost of your project
  • Land advances prior to project commencement
  • Loan amounts of up to $50 million, or higher
  • Underwriting solutions

Underwriters that know the real estate markets have key relationships with repeat borrowers and can provide quick turnaround on mortgage approvals!

Give us a call or send us a package to review — we know we can help.

Mortgage Securitization

The premier issuer of multi-family Mortgage-Backed Securities in Canada.

Aside from our general mortgage banking operation, we are well known and highly regarded for our involvement in the origination, placement and administration of mortgage securitization products. Since 1987 Peoples Group has been the premier issuer of multi-family of Market Mortgage Backed Securities and Canada Mortgage Bond Securities.