Peoples Group offers personal lending services through a selection of partners, tailored to our client’s needs.

We continue to evolve our family of connected companies through strategic, measured growth. As our product and service offerings expand, as well as the channels through which they are delivered, our solutions are tailored to an increasing audience in the financial services community. 

Start paying off the past, or planning for the future, today. Apply today for a Lendful personal loan, with terms from 6 months to 5 years. You can payoff without penalty at any time. Rates starting as low as 9.9%.

Commercial Mortgage Lending and Investment.

Whether you are an individual looking to buy a home, a company looking at a larger project, or someone looking to invest in mortgage products, we have you covered. Working with us means expanding your team to ensure that you get where you want to be, with quality assurance.

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