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Award Winning Payment Programs.

Peoples Group works with Program Managers and Processing Partners to rapidly develop and deploy specialized programs and functionality, tailored specifically to niche markets in the financial, rebates and incentives, and retail sectors.

With our partner Mastercard®, we offered the first real-time instant issuance of a prepaid card, as well as the first contactless PayPass prepaid card program in Canada. With Visa*, we offered the first virtual payment card program for use on the internet.

Recent awards include:
  • Best consumer-funded prepaid program
  • Leading prepaid or payments organization
  • Prepaid and payment organization industry person of the year

Payment Cards

Prepaid payment cards are sold through major national retail chains and can be used anywhere in the world where Visa* and Mastercard cards are accepted. Prepaid cards allow organizations to make distributions to employees and customers without the inconvenience of producing cheques or using cash. They are an excellent medium for payroll, incentives, commissions, rebates, and business expense distributions.

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Peoples Group continuously develops a wide array of prepaid card programs to meet the ever changing needs of its customers. Whether businesses need a seasonal gift for their sales team or a card that will drive new business, open-loop prepaid cards will be a proven solution.

Since 2004, Peoples Group has built a wide variety of prepaid card programs and our significant industry experience can help you create a prepaid program to meet your goals – whatever those goals may be. Some of the brands we issue include Vanilla and the Perfect Gift.

A retail chain looking for an additional revenue stream for their business.

Participation in the distribution of branded prepaid card products is a proven solution to create a new revenue stream for your business. Versatile distribution models and exceptional vendor service make prepaid card programs a simple decision.

Vanilla Mastercard, Vanilla Visa* prepaid card program
Vanilla Mastercard prepaid cards were introduced to the Canadian retail environment for the 2007 holiday season. Vanilla Visa* prepaid cards were added to the product range two years later. Both of these prepaid financial products have been embraced by Canadian consumers and sales have continued to grow year-on-year.

“When InComm was looking for a financial institution to partner with them to launch prepaid financial products, Peoples Card Services stood out as being entrepreneurs and most important leading edge subject matter experts in the Prepaid Canadian Market. Our relationship with them has enabled us to proactively adapt to the changing needs of the Canadian consumer.” – Bill Turner, VP Financial Services International, InComm.

Financial Services

Prepaid card programs are a great opportunity for Fintechs and organizations that provide financial services to underserved Canadians as they provide flexibility and alternatives for consumers.

Key features of prepaid:
  • Reloadable prepaid card solution
  • Network branded solution
  • Global acceptance
  • EMV and mobile wallet
  • Various load options
  • Instant issued cards at point of sale and personalized cards sent through the mail
  • Direct Load ability for payroll or Government payments to clients

Stores in your chain have a high level of cash required to fund day to day needs of clients.

A prepaid card solution will allow your stores to reduce their cash on hand by giving clients the option of putting their money onto a prepaid card product. This gives the client a significant benefit of having a branded prepaid card to use in store, at ATMs or online.

NextWave Titanium+ Visa* prepaid card program
The Titanium+ Prepaid Card was introduced to the Canadian retail environment in all Money Mart locations in January of 2006. The Titanium+ reloadable prepaid card was the first of its kind in Canada and was instantly embraced by Canadian consumers establishing itself as the #1 prepaid reloadable card in the country with innovative new features not seen before on a payment card of any type and a superior online shopping experience.

“The Titanium+ card has been a very successful product for us, thanks in large part to the support and guidance we have received over the years from Peoples Card Services. As the demand for mobile and electronic payments continues to grow, we are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation with our prepaid card offerings and we strongly believe that the Money Mart Titanium+ Visa* is the premier prepaid card in Canada and Peoples Card Services are the premier issuing bank in the Prepaid Canadian Market.” – Norm Miller, COO, DFC Global Corp (parent company of National Money Mart)


Businesses looking for an opportunity to add new sources of revenue are constantly facing technological, geographical and ownership boundaries. A Restricted Authorization Network (RAN) prepaid card program can be built across multiple retailers, points of sales or merchant acquirers and does not require costly infrastructure changes.

Key features of a RAN program:
  • Reloadable or Non-reloadable
  • Restricted to select merchants
  • Generic or branded card designs

Shopping Centre property management companies looking to drive new business to their tenants.

RAN card programs provide seamless acceptance across all retailers and increase traffic and revenue as they are only redeemable within a particular shopping centre. They can be used as an effective marketing tool to drive traffic and sales, increase branding exposure and provide great customer services to retailers and cardholders.


More and more companies are discovering the value of prepaid card programs to increase sales, reward employees, and manage payroll and expenses. Businesses can customize their programs to fit their unique needs with a variety of program options.

  • Accepted universally or restricted to select merchants
  • Reloadable or Non-Reloadable
  • Generic or Branded to reinforce company brand

Corporate incentive

Companies looking to boost sales and productivity as well as motivate and retain employees.

Prepaid cards are an effective, low cost, secure alternative to cash and cheques that can be used as a reward program to encourage staff and partners to meet and exceed sales targets. Used creatively, a prepaid card program has the potential to motivate and retain employees when it is used to recognize contributions and celebrate successes. They are also easy to use and provide the recipient the freedom to choose the reward they want.


Companies looking for an easy to administer and low-cost solution for managing a rebate program.

Branded prepaid cards are an excellent way to extend company brand awareness and remind the consumer where their rewards came from and reinforces loyalty. Prepaid cards also eliminate the need for a separate trip to the bank, allowing the customer to realize the value of the rebate program faster.

Expense Management

Companies looking for a convenient and low-cost alternative for expense reimbursement.

Prepaid cards are a great choice for managing and controlling employee business-related spending. A fixed budget can be loaded on the card to avoid overspending along with the option to restrict where the card can be spent in order to control usage.


Companies looking for a payroll option to offer employees.

Prepaid card programs can be used as a cost-effective alternative to cheques; helping businesses provide payroll options for a growing population of employees wanting to access their pay quickly and securely.


Multiple levels of government have made it a priority to improve efficiency by reducing and eliminating cheques. Peoples Group has certified several payment processors and has the experience and flexibility to provide Visa* or Mastercard reloadable or non-reloadable prepaid card solutions to meet their needs.

A government department looking for a more efficient way to provide social benefits (pension, education or employment funds) to its citizens. The cost and effort of issuing cheques is increasing and cheque fraud is a key concern.

A prepaid Visa* or Mastercard will reduce cost and provide funds quickly. Access to funds by cardholders is provided through Point of Sale, ATM and online.

Disaster Relief Program for Slave Lake, Alberta
In May 2011, a large forest fire in northern Alberta burned through the community of Slave Lake. More than 7,000 residents were affected and almost 400 properties were destroyed, the largest displacement in the province’s history. The government of Alberta determined that they needed to provide funds to the residents for emergency relief in order to pay for food, lodging, and immediate needs. Approximately 25,000 prepaid cards were distributed as immediate relief for the residents. The speed of delivery was critical to ensure that their immediate needs were met. Our prepaid cards provided the government with a safe and secure manner to deliver value directly to citizens, without the delay of handling cheques or the risks associated with distributing cash.

“Given the scope of the payment problem, the urgency of the need and the logistics required to meet that need, we concluded the prepaid card was the best solution to deliver immediate aid. Peoples staff immediately understood the gravity of the situation and worked to fast-track the process. Within 18 hours of our initial contact, millions of dollars in relief funds were being flown directly to the disaster area for distribution to area residents affected by the fire. We found the staff at Peoples to be very accommodating and cooperative, particularly given the circumstances and the tight timeline.” – Kevin MacMillen, Senior Manager Banking Operations, Alberta Treasury Board and Finance


Employers are continuously trying to find creative and effective ways of providing relevant health benefits to employees. Employees are increasingly interested in solutions that do not require up front out-of-pocket payments and simplify the overall process of managing their expenses. A prepaid card program is an innovative way for employers to provide their employees the flexibility they desire. Health insurance companies offering a prepaid card program solution to their clients benefit themselves from a more effective administration process for processing health spending account claims. Prepaid cards eliminate the need for individual claim reimbursement and provide the required spending controls through feature rich technology.

Health insurance companies looking for a low-maintenance and effective solution for health spending accounts.

The full value of an employee’s health spending account (HSA) can be loaded onto a prepaid card. This card’s acceptance can be restricted to health-related merchants in order to manage usage. Prepaid cards not only provide employees with a convenient method of payment by eliminating the need to submit expense claims and up front payments, they also reduce administration costs and resources associated with reimbursement for health insurance companies.

WEX Health
WEX Health provides employees and their families a more convenient way to pay providers directly from their health care spending accounts through the use of a highly specialized prepaid card. Employers benefit from happier employees and health plans enjoy the significant administrative efficiencies and powerful product differentiation of an electronic payment program.

“When we expanded into the Canadian market, we sought a BIN Sponsorship partner who understood the prepaid market, was creative, flexible, and responsive, and who was willing to play a “powered by” role behind our and our partner’s brands. From the outset, we saw those attributes in Peoples Group, and our working experience has borne that out. Peoples Group recognizes the potential in the health care market and the need to bring fresh thinking to bear. The Peoples team is a pleasure to work with and has not only enabled a great start to our program, but is totally committed to helping us grow and develop this emerging market.” – Chris Byrd, EVP, WEX Health


Common concerns for travellers are keeping money safe and managing their budget. A prepaid card program can be the perfect solution for such concerns. Prepaid cards are accepted worldwide, protect against fraud and theft, and eliminate currency fluctuation risk. The ability to pre-load a set value will help travellers stay within their budget. With reload options, international ATM access and the optional protection of chip, prepaid cards programs provide the necessary features to accommodate the most adventurous traveller.

Travel-related companies looking to offer a revenue generating service and provide their customers a currency solution that is both secure and convenient.

Prepaid cards are perfect alternative for traveller’s cheques while offering the convenience of credit cards. Travellers can load their travel budget onto the card and lock in the currency rate to avoid unexpected surprises during their trip. Travellers have the freedom to use their card at any merchant who accepts Visa* or Mastercard with the added comfort of protection against fraud and theft while on vacation.

Cash Passport Travel Prepaid Mastercard
The prepaid travel card program managed by Access Prepaid Worldwide is offered to travelers in four major currencies: Canadian Dollar, US Dollar, Great Britain Pound Sterling and the Euro. The product provides access to travel funds through POS and ATMs globally, and is backed by 24×7 multilingual customer service. These valued security and convenience attributes create financial peace of mind for the Canadian traveler, thus allowing them to focus on enjoying their travels wherever it takes them.

“Launching a first to market prepaid travel card in multiple currencies required a bank partner that was innovative, flexible, and forward thinking. The Peoples Card Services team brought these qualities and more to our program. The team worked diligently and with purpose to navigate complex international banking requirements in bringing our Cash Passport Travel Prepaid Mastercard product vision to market. The commitment continued post launch with a dedicated staff that has assisted us in growing our business, and helping us to adapt to an ever-changing regulatory environment.” – David Koopman, North America Regional Director, Access Prepaid Worldwide.


As fare collection systems evolve, Canadian transit agencies are using contactless prepaid cards to replace or supplement current fare media as a means of opening up their closed loop systems, seeking operational efficiencies, creating avenues for additional revenues, and providing choice to their customers.

Contactless prepaid cards offer quick boarding and the ability to set flexible fare policies without the expensive nature of proprietary smart cards and disposable contactless tickets.

Prepaid cards are accessible to everyone, unlike traditional credit cards and include the option of personalizing each card to reduce illegal fare transfers. Prepaid cards provide a means for the transit agency to cover the diverse needs of the ridership and meet the various needs of its constituents.


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