About Peoples Group Payment Solutions.

Peoples Group specializes in providing BIN Sponsorship for merchant processing and facilitating payments.

We provide a “one stop shop” for merchants in Canada in partnership with sponsored Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), Payment Facilitators, and Processors with connections to Visa*, Mastercard®, and Interac®.

In addition to being able to support full EMV chip card processing, Peoples Group provides the unique competitive advantage of enabling merchants to process transactions on foreign cards in their own currency.

Through our sponsorship program, we work with reputable, well established partners from around the world to provide choice and flexibility to merchants.  As a licensed acquirer of Visa* and Mastercard, and with connectivity to the Interac network, Peoples Group leverages its experience with BIN sponsorships and Payment Facilitators to continue it tremendous growth in merchant transaction processing.

Enabling innovative merchant payment services while helping to ensure fair and accountable business practices is key to Peoples Group Payment Solutions.

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