At Peoples Group we take pride in operating with integrity, honesty, diversity and responsibility as we have done throughout our 35-year history. These values are reflected in our internal Code of Conduct. We highly value our relationships with employees, customers and stakeholders and are aware of the impact our business decisions have on them. Our commitment is to always do the right thing. As part of this ongoing commitment, we have established a confidential and anonymous ethical reporting system for employees, customers and stakeholders to report any concerns about irregular business activities or behaviour. 

What to report: 

Ethical reporting covers several areas such as accounting or financial controls, acts of dishonesty or illegal activity, fraud, unauthorized disclosure of confidential information or conduct that appears suspicious or unethical. 

What Not to report: 

Peoples Group has a resolution process in place to resolve your concerns regarding products or services. Details are available at The ethical reports should not be used for these purposes. 

How to report: 

You may raise concerns with ClearView ConnectsTM an independent, third party ethical reporting system: 

1. Online through their secure website at 

2. Over the phone through a dedicated toll-free number 1-866-865-3691 

3. By mail through the confidential post office box at: ClearView Connects P.O. Box 11017 Toronto, Ontario M1E 1N0 

Reporting is available 24/7, in multiple languages. Your comments are all taken seriously.